Promotion and Advertising Strategies for Firms Expanding to New Boundaries


Angelica K Rivas

Bio: I am a Marketing student minoring in Spanish at University of Northern Colorado. I'm interested in social media marketing, advertising and global marketing. My career focus is global marketing and advertising. I have a tremendous passion for traveling which started a summer that I went to Europe as part of summer class. I have focused special attention on how people act according to their culture and how they try to blend in when interacting with a new culture. These interactions impacting their personal and consumer behavior. I’m an open mind person that does not judge any culture; my sole purse is the understanding of people no matter where they come from and by this getting to know myself. For this reason I feel that focusing my efforts on working to create marketing plans and tactics for global marketing. This career path will allow me to connect with other people by learning from their culture. I am always amazed when I see creative ads and campaigns. I have figured that by also focusing my career in advertising; I will be able to translate my cultural understanding into providing diversity. It is thrilling for me the power advertising has over consumer’s perceptions of products, or ideas. I am passionate on learning how advertising motivates us as consumer depending on cultural values and behaviors by being involved in of the creation of it.

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