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The Path to Creativity for Advertising

The Path to Creativity for Advertising

I recently read a book from Pat Fallon which talked about creativity leverage. I believe that applying these techniques can help anyone in advertising to get creativity flowing out.

Before actually starting to practice these 3 guidelines, it is important to start creating and believing in the power of creativity. “Imagination is the last means of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition” (Pat Fallon).

The leveraging of the mind should be the goal of the advertiser, instead of heavy relaying on following successful ideas of their competitors.

Practicing creative leverage is not an easy practice. Especially, for those just starting to adventure into advertising. I personally feel that it is not easy to come up with genius ideas all the time.

Over the time, I’ve learned that it is a difficult process. However, if it is highly practiced, chances are that the creative process becomes easy to understand and use.

It is basically, a process of trial and error that can be refined throughout the creative process. Having in mind these three ideas will probably help you getting out some creative leverage.

Start From Scratch

Often times it is possible to create a better advertising campaign if you gain a deep understanding of the marketing problem since the beginning. Understanding the why and where of the problem, instead of just assuming what the problem is.

I think of this as having a headache and just taking medication for pain, instead of analyzing what could be the real reasons of the headache. Besides, starting from scratch will help the advertiser not to get stuck in the same mindset from previous advertisers.

Discover a Proprietary Emotion

Emotions play a vital role in coding, storing, and retrieving memories, which later turn to be the basis of decision making. Understanding the human brain might can be the key to success. Most people won’t remember most of the ads they see or listen to

. It is important for this reason to reinforce our messages with those emotion appeals that people can relate to. The advertiser will succeed by being able to create a campaign that resonates and engages people.

Focus on the Size of the Idea, Not on the Budget’s Size

The budget should not be the basis for creativity. Creative ideas might get rejected before time if the advertiser starts developing them when having a budget in mind. Yes! The budget is a crucial part of a campaign because it sets up the limits on spending; constantly thinking about it will make creativity go away.

Take Away

  • Creativity reflects motivation and inspiration, so whatever you create as advertisers will also be the reflection of the motivations and inspirations of those receiving the message.
  • Discovers those moving emotions by literally putting yourself on the shoes of your target market.
  • Go beyond the obvious and connect ideas to real need of Customers.


Do you have any creative processes that would also help in advertising?


Image Created by: Angelica K. Rivas